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Located on Charles St in North Perth. With plenty of daytime street parking CBM Corporate are able to assist our customers to expertly deliver your business technologies.

Managed Services

Designed to reduce your costs and mitigate your business risks, we partner with you as your Virtual CIO and IT Department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.

IT Solutions

The IT Services landscape is constantly changing and we strive to stay ahead of the pack in showcasing IT solutions for today and the future.

Audio Visual

An integrated audio visual projection system is a powerful presentation tool.
The technology behind projection systems is constantly evolving, leading to new opportunities to dynamically present media.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has evolved dramatically, and it is no longer seen as a novelty.

Over 45 years of IT Experience

Professional One Stop Business Solution Provider , Unique product Mix & Range, 45 Years of Business Experience, Growth from Family business background.

CBM Corporate Delivering your Business Technologies

Supply, install, integrate, monitor, support

What Makes CBM Corporate Different

  • CBM Corporate is a professional One Stop Business Solution Provider
  • CBM Corporate has a unique product Mix & Range
  • We have been in business since 1971 and in 2016 have 45 Years of Business Experience
  • Growth from Family business background
  • We have a unique Cross Pollination between the IT Services and Audio Visual Teams

Founded in 1971 as City Business Machines, we were initially a service based organisation looking after business technologies of the day. Today in 2015 we remain proudly WA owned & operated and have transformed into CBM Corporate, a multi-disciplined company with capabilities in a wide variety of ICT facets, including IT Procurement, Managed Services, Audio Visual, Video Conferencing & Unified Communications.

Ultimately, CBM Corporate is all about working with and helping our customers to stay ahead of the pack, overcome challenges and succeed in business.

With an enthusiastic focus on the ever-changing Business to Business (B2B) market and its ICT & Audio Visual requirements, our success lies with our ability to gain and retain a deep understanding of our customers’ evolving needs, while delivering competitive leading-edge solutions – backed by exceptional service – for today and tomorrow.

We have developed a dedicated team of professionals who focus on your specific requirements before offering the best possible solutions available.

We go to great lengths to enter into partnerships with customers, engage with them and provide a genuine personal touch when delivering and supporting ICT & Audio Visual solutions.

As part of the CBM Corporate package, we continually evaluate our business processes & professional relationships with vendors and market leaders to support an open and transparent environment that improves client and employee satisfaction.  We encourage staff to demonstrate responsiveness and flexibility in servicing our clients’ needs and solving our clients’ problems.

Meet the Team

Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith


Position : Managing Director.


Geoff is born and bred here in Western Australia and his father Roy Smith started CBM Corporate (then City Business Machines) in 1971.  Geoff has officially been with CBM since 1982, but first started working for CBM during school holidays in the mid 1970’s, repairing Manual Typewriters, back when City Business Machines had the state government contract to look after Perth school’s typewriters!  


Roy retired in 1997 and Geoff took over the reins.  You might think things have progressed a bit in the world of IT and you’d be right, with many technologies coming and going in his 34 years!  Geoff’s goal has always been to build the business with the Best People, the Best Brands, the Best Service and Support and ultimately the Best Value!


Geoff is married to Sharon, has a Son Jamie, and his passions include Travel, Muscle Cars, Food & Wine and Sport, particularly Cricket!


Mary Markovic

Mary Markovic

Position : Director


Marys career at CBM Corporate began in 1991 when she was employed as a Girl Friday.

As a director of the company since 2004, she has witnessed the company adapt to the ever-changing nature of the IT industry.

Today she leads the administration of CBM Corporate’s HR, as well as the day to day financial operations of the company.

Ross Crockart

Ross Crockart

Position : Corporate Account Manager

Ross’s career in ICT spans 31 years and 3 continents. He started out as a systems operator with CF Tulley Associates, a trans-African ICT service provider.

From there he went on to become IT Director of an advertising agency with clients across central and southern Africa.  In his late 20’s Ross started his own IT company, providing ICT solutions to small and medium sized firms.

It was in this role that he fully realised the importance of actively listening to clients to carefully assess and effectively meet their needs. After moving to Australia a decade ago, Ross joined the CBM team. He has since developed a diverse and loyal client base ranging from aged care providers, to large construction companies.

His ongoing positive relationships with his client base, is based on integrity and an understanding of each client’s unique ICT needs.   


Witold Ryba

Witold Ryba

Position :  IT Manager


Born in Poland, Witold has lived in Australia for over 20 years.

Witold has worked in the IT Industry since 2004.

He has worked in different roles for large corporates, and also worked as a freelance IT Consultant in Perth for 3 years.

Holding a Bachelor of Science, and Masters of Science, and with over 11 years worth of experience Witold heads up the IT Service team.


He is married, enjoys playing football (soccer), and spends as much time as he can outdoors.

Ash Barker

Ash Barker

Position : Audio Visual Sales and Support  / Web Marketing Guru


Ashley or Ash to his colleagues began work with CBM Corporate in 2012.

He started in a a sales support role, and quickly moved through the ranks to become CBM Corporate’s number 1 Audio Visual Sales person.


Today he successfully handles a number of high end Audio Visual accounts in a Sales and Support capacity.

Ash is also in charge of CBM’s online presence.


Ash is currently expecting his 3rd child due in October 2016.



Eugene Ng

Eugene Ng

Position :  Systems / Network Engineer


Eugene has been in the IT industry since 2008. He graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Science.


He has also achieved various vendor certifications including CISCO and Microsoft and holds strong interests in networking and virtualization.


He spends a lot of his free time playing soccer!

Philip Kealley

Philip Kealley

Position : IT Support


Philip Kealley is a Network and Systems Engineer with CBM corporate. In this role, Philip coordinates with the other team members to provide support and consultation to CBMC clients.


No stranger to customer service and technical support Philip has been a Computer Technician and Customer Service Representative for more than 3 years.


Passionate about networking and security Philip strives to further his knowledge in these fields and provide relevant advice to CBMC clients.


Philip is a Cisco Certified Network Associate.


In his free time Philip is a prolific reader. He enjoys running and spending time amongst friends.




Brice Servais

Brice Servais

Position : Senior Network Engineer


Born and raised in Belgium, Brice moved worked in Brussels for over ten years as a System Engineer before he moved to Melbourne in 2008 where he worked in a similar position.


After two years as a freelance IT Consultant in New Caledonia, and a gap year in Asia, he finally moved to Perth where he joined CBM Corporate in 2013, as a Senior Network Engineer.


He’s been in the IT industry since 1997 and has gained a noticeable experience in the field.


He’s married, enjoys the outdoors, and is also a foodie (he was a chef for a brief period).

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CBM Corporate offer the Following Projectors

Epson, Panasonic, NEC, plus many more.

Epson Projectors

Epson Projectors offer great value for money, cheap lamps and amazing colour light output.


Panasonic Projectors

Panasonic Projectors are a market leader in installation and high end projectors. They are a good choice for any boardroom.


NEC Projectors

NEC Projectors offer a large range of Portable and Installation Projectors, you will not be disappointed with a NEC Projector.


How do I choose the right projector?

Lets look at a few things to consider before choosing a projector.


Work out the best resolution to suit your projector needs.

XGA (1024×768 pixels)

Whilst an older technology, XGA is still commonly used. You’ll find that many computers and laptops feature XGA as their native resolution, meaning pairing your XGA projector with it will result in optimum detail.

1080p (1920×1080 pixels)

For the ideal home theatre experience, opt for a 1080p projector as this produces content comparable to HD and Blu-ray.

WXGA (1280×800 pixels)

Providing the same vertical resolution as XGA, WXGA differs in that it offers a widescreen horizontal resolution (20% more than XGA). WXGA projectors work well with laptops and smartphones.

WUXGA (1920×1200 pixels)

A higher-end option, WUXGA projectors are perfect for large venues such as conference rooms or for permanent installations. You’ll see detailed, high-definition images as WUXGA projectors are capable of displaying 1080p HD content.


How Bright or Dark is your room?

How Many People will be in the room?

This will dictate the image size you go for. The more people in the room the larger the image will be, so a brighter projector is recommended.

How much light is in the room?

For the best image from your projector you will need a dark room. This however is not always a viable and suitable option. Projectors are often used in environments where note taking is required. examples are Training Rooms, Boardrooms and Offices. If you are looking to purchase a projector where note-taking is a must you should look at brighter projectors.

Projector Screen or Wall?

Walls are often used as a projector screen. If you intend to use a wall as your screen you will require a brighter projector as walls do not reflect the light as well as purpose built projector screens.

Less than 2000 lumens

Projectors featuring less than 2000 lumens tend to be small and portable, which make them ideal for certain uses.

3000 to 4500 lumens

A higher step up in quality which will come with a step up in price also. You’ll still be able to find portable projectors that feature this lumen range and they will work well in larger rooms and have less dependency on dim lighting to function well.

2000 to 3000 lumens

Standard lumen range, these projectors will be suited for basic environments such as classrooms or meeting rooms. Dim lighting would be required for a decent image.

4500 lumens and up

The top end of the scale, a projector with 4500 lumens or more can serve boardrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio refers to the difference between the brightest white, and the darkest black.

The higher the ratio, the clearer, more complex images you will get. If you see a projector with 1000:1 contrast ratio, this means that the brightest white is 1000x brighter than the darkest black. ( which isn't very high at all, aim for a higher contrast ratio )

Cable Connections

There are some extra features to look out for to help you get the most out of your new Projector


Ideal for using with computers and laptops, most these days have HDMI ports. HDMI allows the projection of high-definition video and audio through one cable.


DisplayPort connections are predominantly used to connect video sources but is also capable of transmitting audio. One of the key benefits is that DisplayPort connections can add adapters to work with older ports and connections.


Compared to HDMI, DisplayPort (which use digital), VGA uses analog technology. It is capable of producing high quality resolution.


Ideal for those who want to use their projector in multiple different locations. Wireless projectors tend to come in two variations; wireless-enabled and wireless-optional. A wireless-enabled projector will have a built-in wireless LAN whereas a wireless-optional projector can have a LAN module plugged in to the device to become wireless.

Throw Distance

The 'throw' of a projector speaks to how close or far a projector must be positioned from the screen or wall for optimal projection.

Long Throw Projectors

Typically seen on projectors that are installed in the ceiling and used in larger rooms, capable of producing very large images

Short Throw Projectors

Ideal for smaller rooms as it needs to be installed closer to the projection surface (typically 3-8ft away from surface). Short throw distance helps to reduce chance of shadows and glare.

Ultra-Short Throw

The main benefit of Ultra-Short Throw is the virtually complete removal of any shadows or glare. Ultra-Short Throw projectors tend to be between 0-4ft away from the projection surface.

Hopefully now that you have a little more information, you are able to make an informed decision.

If you still have questions, please feel free to call CBM Corporate on 1300 790 945. We are happy to help.