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Antispam Changes -

On premise email servers

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Customers who have e-mail servers running out of their office servers, and who are not on the cloud hosted version of Office 365, please note the current antispam product which has been successfully implemented across all our customers will be reaching End of Life and will require replacement.

Cannit / Roaring Penguin antispam software vendor as was known to some of our customers has been acquired by a competitor Appriver. Appriver and CBM Corporate have been in discussions around migrating all our customers across to an Appriver antispam product “Secure Tide”, which will be replacing the outgoing product by 31st December 2019.

CBM Corporate have been able to secure the same pricing for antispam subscriptions with Appriver’s “Secure Tide”, as such your monthly investments in antispam systems will not increase.

Please note a CBM Corporate engineer will be contacting you and or your management team direct to schedule in the migration to the new antispam system by the end of 2019.

Some of our customers may already have been migrated successfully to this new product, and can safely ignore this notice.


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