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With the growth of the security threats and continuous security reviews as part of our mandate for delivery of IT services to our customers, CBM Corporate will be shifting to a new antivirus platform to provide for a more robust strategy of implementing antivirus security.

This shift will aim towards moving our customer base away from the current product of AV Defender, to Sophos Endpoint Protection security. Sophos a Gartner magic quadrant-

(Figure 1.0 -https://www.gartner.com/en) an award winning leader in antivirus security provides a more complete gamut of security software to prevent malicious software outbreaks in our customers networks, namely the product Intercept X which was recently awarded for the Best Anti-Ransomware solution out in the market, which coupled with the client for Apple Mac, and the base Endpoint Protection Software provides a more holistic solution in antivirus security.

Gartner endpoint protection 2018

A CBM Corporate sales representative will be in touch with you and your management team to discuss a cost-effective way to migrate to the new antivirus software platform.

Some of our customers may already have been migrated successfully to this new product and can safely ignore this notice.


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