VOIP vs IP Telephony, are they the same thing?

You may have heard the terms IP telephony and voice over IP (VoIP) but are they referencing the same thing?

 In essence both terms mean the same thing, but IP telephony is used more in business.
VoIP started as a reference to the technology, which made it possible to route calls over a data network. As VoIP has matured and evolved over the years, the need for a dedicated network for VoIP has grown.

Lady using IP Phone

IP Telephony

IP telephony refers to the hardware required to place a VoIP call. So, you could say that VoIP is a subset of IP telephony rather than IP Telephony and VOIP being the same thing.
An IP phone need a data connection. Instead of being connected to a standard telephone network.
When you talk IP telephony with CBM Corporate. We are referring to the phones and licenses available for a VoIP system.
The conclusion here is that companies use IP phones for VoIP solutions.
In a sense, you can think of them as being the same thing because they go hand in hand.
The main takeaway is that IP telephony is used for business, but VoIP is used for both personal and business use.


 VoIP is the means by which IP calls are placed.
VoIP comes in many deployment types:
  • you can have VoIP on your mobile phone that uses your data rather than your minutes.
  • You can have a hosted, on-premises, cloud, or hybrid VoIP system.
  • You could even use VoIP to place calls at home, in the office, or on the road. Using the same phone number to give the appearance of being locked into a standard location.

Main Differences

Without boring you with technical details.
Think of the systems like this:
  • VoIP is a protocol,
  • Whilst IP telephony relates to the infrastructure in which VoIP resides.
Neither term is vendor specific or proprietary.
VoIP is the means by which voice calls travel over an IP Network. Instead of a traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN), which uses analog signals.
 IP telephony infrastructure refers more to the
  • IP–private branch exchange,
  • IP phones,
  • switches and routers,
  • and other end points.
 The infrastructure is provided by CBM Corporate. And is required for a complete VoIP system.
VoIP and IP telephony have completely changed the way businesses operate.You can choose to deploy a VoIP network almost seamlessly throughout your business.VoIP can save you time and money in the long run and has proven an essential business tool.
 IP telephony equipment continues to catch up with VoIP’s capabilities.
VoIP is a powerful engine. IP telephony equipment needs to be capable of handling all features and functionality. If it doesn’t you will have a very limited solution.
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