Breaking: Major Telstra mobile network outage being felt across Australia

CBM Corporate / IT Blog / Breaking: Major Telstra mobile network outage being felt across Australia
Telstra. It's how we connect or don't connect in this instance.
Telstra. It’s how we connect or don’t connect in this instance.


Telstra customers across Australia are reporting a wide mobile-network disruption, with both calls and data unavailable.

Techly has confirmed the outage in both Sydney and Melbourne, with thousands taking to social media looking for answers.

The outage is across 4G, 3G, 2G, data, and calls, with many phones showing either SOS Only, or full reception without a data connection.

Outraged Telstra Customers
Outraged Telstra Customers take their frustration out on social media




Telstra Outage
Telstra Outage










We’ve contacted Telstra to find out more, but phone calls are not being received due to the outage. We have sent multiple emails.

Telstra’s Service Status page is showing a full failure across the board.

Telstra’s status page indicates the failure commenced at 12:45pm (AEDT).

It is understood there is no ETA at this stage on a return to service.



Update: Telstra have said, “We are aware of an issue currently affecting mobile voice and data nationally. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and thank customers for their patience.”

Update 3: 1:45pm AEDT marks an hour without service across Australia. Still no ETA on a resolution.

Update 4: At 2:15pm, both data and call service had returned in Sydney CBD.

Telstra are advising that those affected can call the Billing team on 132200 to discuss a possible rebate for downtime.



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