Why is cloud computing important in Perth, Western Australia?

Many businesses often wonder why is cloud computing important especially if they have no prior experience with the strategy, but the fact remains that it provides many advantages.  To put it simply, cloud computing refers to accessing and storing data on the Internet (or cloud) instead of the hard driver of a computer.

Why is cloud computing important in Perth, Western Australia?

This allows companies to benefit from a remote server network hosted on the web instead of having to invest in local servers. CBM Corporate, your cloud computing Perth partner understands the nuances of these resources perfectly, and is available to help businesses migrate to the cloud for greater efficiency and competitiveness in a digital age.

Why Is Cloud Computing Important: The Benefits Of Adopting It For Your Business

Cloud computing permits businesses to easily set up virtual offices, enabling the management of data from any where and at any time. With gadgets like tablets, laptops and smartphones carving a niche for themselves and the general globalisation of the business world, the demand for access to information from remote locations has soared in popularity.

Companies with multiple branches inter or intra country want to empower their employees with instant data and information, and cloud computing is designed to enable this requirement seamlessly. So, why is cloud computing important? Here are some benefits when you choose to transition your business into the cloud computing era.


Cloud computing provides flexibility and reliability, so many businesses find value in migrating to it – once they understand how it can change the way they operate their businesses for modern consumption patterns. Cloud-based services are best suited to organisations that have a range of needs, whether it is fluctuating bandwidth needs or remote access from across the world.

The scalability provided by cloud computing can make a huge impact on the financial bottom line of many businesses because it enables product and service availability on the international forum, which was perhaps only a dream a few years ago. It also frees up time and enables businesses to operate in different contexts that best suit a particular situation. This benefit alone could answer the question ­– why is cloud computing important.

Efficiency Of Collaboration

Cloud computing is designed to make collaboration between team members within an organisation more efficient, giving your business the capacity to share documents any time and from any where.

For example, you could have team members in different countries working on the same documents to save time, effort, double work and money. Cloud collaboration not only makes it easier for team members, but it also brings together associates and vendors in different locations, allowing seamless sharing of documents, data and workflow procedures.

Continuity Of Business

Business continuity is vital in an age where competitiveness is at its peak, so securing your systems and data becomes key. Whether you deal with natural calamities or power outages, your data should ideally be stored in a location that protects it irrespective of the situation.

A back up for your data always ensures that you can re-access your data at any point without losing important information. Your ability to re-access your data in a timely manner will help you run your business without any interruptions – from something as small as a power cut to undergoing a full on commercial demolition.

No Capital Expenditure On Systems

Many businesses wonder why is cloud computing important from a business perspective. The answer is often data protection and cost reduction. Cloud computing brings down the cost of maintaining IT systems continuously, since it eliminates the need to invest in hardware.

This eventually brings down your operating costs. You will also reduce your need to pay for high-quality IT personnel to manage in-house data systems, which could have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Work From Home Options To Reduce Overhead Rental Costs

When you run an office, you are most likely paying rent to house your employees. But with cloud computing, you could employ a work-from-home policy, which could eventually sustain the same level of employee productivity, while reducing your overhead rental expenses. Businesses that offer adaptable working conditions will attract high-quality personnel who value both career growth and family life without compromising on overall efficiency.

Enhanced Security

Data theft is a key problem that businesses face, which means that you could end up losing sensitive data for your business via traditional hardware IT systems. Cloud computing has been set up with firewalls and security systems in place to protect your data from potential theft. If someone steals your office computers, you can still gain access to your data, which is a huge advantage.

With so many advantages, rely on the best cloud computing Perth experts at CBM Corporate. If you want some more information on why is cloud computing important to your business, contact us and let us help you understand how you will benefit.

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