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CBM Corporate is reviewing all policies for replication targets of customer backup systems, and storage systems located at private residences of our customer’s management teams housing critical business backup data.

Whilst this offsite backup solution has historically been supported by CBM Corporate, going forward CBM Corporate will no longer offer or provide support for new remote backup devices housed at the home premises of business owners and directors.

Please note that all current devices in use by our customers will be supported, the solution itself however will be “grandfathered”.

This change is as a direct result of significant challenges in control and management of critical devices deployed in a home settings, where significant amount of administrative effort is required by the CBM Corporate team to continuously maintain and resolve issues with backup devices which provide such an important function in our customer’s IT recovery strategy.

Going forward, CBM Corporate will only support replication of backup systems to CBM Corporate managed devices and appliances.

Following on, to safeguard the offsite backup replication backup procedures, and to allow for a successful replication of backups, CBM Corporate’s new processes will require that in cases where backup replication is problematic, a separate new internet service will need to be provisioned at a customer site with the sole purpose of this secondary link being used for offsite backup replication.


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