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When it comes to buying a new projector, there is a lot to consider.

The top 3 features you should consider are

  • Brightness.
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Aspect Ratio

Today we will focus on Aspect Ratios.

Aspect Ratios can be confusing, so what does it actually mean?

According to Wikipedia

The aspect ratio of a display is the proportional relationship between its width and its height.

It is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (x:y). Current common aspect ratios for displays are 4:3, 16:10 and 16:9.

It is important to match a projector screen and projector with the same aspect ratio.

Fitting a projector’s Aspect Ratios into a different Aspect Ratio Screen.


Correct Aspect Ratios are important

When choosing a projector you need to think about how you will be using the projector.


  • You create a PowerPoint slideshow on a 16:10  or 16:9 laptop. or computer monitor.
  • It looks perfect on the screen.
  • You then project this image through a 4:3 Aspect Ratio projector and it doesn’t look so perfect.
  • The image is now all squashed onto the screen. Loosing the look and feel it had when created on the PC or laptop.

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