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The IT Services landscape is constantly changing and we strive to stay ahead of the pack in showcasing IT solutions for today and the future.

We have been delivering comprehensive solutions, designed to make our customers succeed.


For more than 42 years CBM Corporate has been delivering comprehensive IT services, from infrastructure through to complex software solutions, designed to make our customers succeed.  

The IT landscape is constantly changing and we strive to stay ahead of the pack in showcasing solutions for today and the future.

Our award winning sales team and our professional services team come together to develop the best end-to-end solutions for our customers.  

Whether in the desktop space or complete virtualisation of servers and storage, we can provide solutions to suit all circumstances.


Our success in the ever-changing IT industry is due to our commitment to our business model, we go beyond what is expected by our customers, we're flexible and dynamic.


With only the best brands of hardware and software solutions on offer, you can trust that CBM will keep your business running.


CBM Corporate can turn inflexible and inefficient physical data centres into a flexible and optimised virtual infrastructure with the performance and reliability needed to run all your business-critical applications.


CBM Corporate uses industry-leading platforms trusted by the most demanding data centres in the world. 


Using CBM Corporate's portfolio of enterprise products will ensure your IT services are delivered for maximum stability and adaptability, when and where needed, while reducing capital and operating costs.  

Our solutions aim to reduce the ongoing cost of your infrastructure while freeing your IT staff from repetitive and mundane administrative tasks so that they can focus on what it takes to contribute to the growth of your business.


CBM Corporate provides solutions across all forms of virtualisation including:


  • Server Virtualisation: your virtual server infrastructure foundation providing cost savings through infrastructure consolidation. Increasing availability and simplifying management, it serves as the cornerstone to all server consolidation, business continuance and disaster recovery projects.
  • Storage Virtualisation: enabling you to pool and aggregate existing and new storage assets to deliver the highest levels of availability, protecting your critical data delivery from underlying hardware changes, maintenance and outages.
  • Application Virtualisation: allowing you to isolate and execute applications in an environment that is separated from the underlying operating system providing portability, manageability and compatibility of applications.
  • Desktop Virtualisation: Desktop Virtualisation Infrastructure (VDI) - technology that separates a personal desktop environment from the underlying physical machine.


CBM Corporate uses industry leading virtualisation products and has a team of experienced and certified solution architects to design solutions to suit your business requirements, and engineers to deliver those solutions on time.


CBM Corporate understands it is critical to minimise downtime, planned and unplanned, and have a comprehensive approach to "High Availability" - we offer a full suite of High Availability solutions for Networks, Servers, Applications, Desktops and more.


Our solutions ensure there is no single point of failure, and also include comprehensive backup solutions to ensure data or an entire environment can be restored in a timely manner in the event of major business interruption.


CBM Corporate can help you with:


  • Clustering Solutions: (also known as Failover Clusters), for the purpose of improving the availability of critical IT services, or load-balancing solutions with multiple computers linked together to share workload as a single virtual computer.
  • Disaster Recovery: critical business applications and technology are replicated to, and can remain operational, at an alternate physical location enabling you to continue service in the event of a disaster. We can work with your internal IT staff to implement a disaster recovery plan and provide regular scheduled testing to ensure your business can continue trading in the event of a disaster.
  • Replication Technology: Synchronous, Asynchronous, Quiesce, Crash Consistent, these are just some of the terms that CBM Corporate is here to help you understand. Backed by a clear understanding of the terms and how they relate to your requirements you will then be equipped to make the correct decisions when it comes to data replication.

Through industry best-practice, experience and best-of-breed technology CBM Corporate can help you select and implement the technologies that meet both your business needs and budget parameters.

Data Protection

As data is ever changing and grows continuously, storage and storage protection requirements are ever increasing.

  • Storage:


CBM Corporate uses flexible and high performance storage from leading industry providers, that are designed around industry "Best Practice", to deliver the performance and capacity your business-critical applications demand.

Before recommending any storage solution, CBM Corporate will conduct an audit of the existing infrastructure.  This infrasturcture audit will ensure we design a storage solution tailored specifically to your current and future business needs.

  • Backup to Disk:


Backup to Disk solutions can reduce the time to restore critical business data from days to a matter of minutes.

CBM Corporate can work with you to implement a mix of DeDuplication and Backup to Disk technologies that best meet your needs.

Options include source-based DeDuplication to reduce backup network bandwidth, target based DeDuplication to reclaim storage, and disk based tape library emulation technologies which allow implementation for disk based backup without the need to alter your backup architecture or software.

  • Image Based Backup:


CBM Corporate offers Image Based Backup, a powerful enterprise-ready workload portability and protection solution that optimises the data centre by streaming server workloads over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives.

Image Based Backup remotely decouples workloads from the underlying server hardware and streams them to and from any physical or virtual host.

  • Archiving


CBM Corporate partners with leading archiving and content indexing technology providers.

An archiving solution can help you re-claim expensive primary storage by seamlessly moving data that is seldom accessed to tier two or secondary storage locations.  Archived data can then be recalled when needed by end users using simple interfaces which can be integrated with your critical business applications.  

When teamed with content indexing, data access suddenly becomes more flexible - as much or as little of your data, including backup data, throughout your enterprise can be searched and accessed by your end users.  

This can cut down on requests to your service desk, meet regulatory requirements and dramatically reduce costs during events such as legal discovery.


CBM Corporate offers enterprise data archiving solutions, storage management and eDiscovery capabilities with solutions for email, collaboration, file system and Network Attached Storage (NAS) data.  

With built-in tiered storage and multi-platform support including Microsoft Exchange servers, IBM Lotus systems, and Microsoft SharePoint data, comprehensive archive management is simplified.  

Active migration of network attached storage (NAS), e-mail and file system data reduces primary storage use, extending the life of storage systems and reducing the time required for data protection.

  • Enterprise Anti-Virus (Managed Endpoint Protection)


It is important to protect and secure organisations against today's evolving threats.


CBM Corporate's Managed Endpoint and Anti-Virus Protection solutions cover the entire network, from endpoint to core, and enable continuous compliance with companies' regulations and policies. A central management platform makes security management easy, efficient, and cost-effective.