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Is your Boardroom Digital TV Ready?

Dont’t leave it till the last minute to find out!!

“THEY COME A HUNDRED thousand strong, as all the best authorities say, and they pack the spacious grounds and grandstands and make a spectacle such as is never seen in Australasia elsewhere,” said American writer and social observer Mark Twain in 1895.

“The grandstands make a brilliant and wonderful spectacle, a delirium of colour, a vision of beauty. The champagne flows, everybody is vivacious, excited, happy; everybody bets …”

Is Your Office Ready for Digital TV?

Analog TV signals have been switched off around Western Australia. So to keep watching your favourite free-to-air TV shows, you’ll need to be digital ready.

Have you thought about what will be happening when all your staff members are sitting or standing with a glass of champagne in their glass about to watch the Melbourne Cup and your boardroom TV or projector isn’t digital ready and you cant watch the much anticipate event of the year.

All that planning to organise sweep stakes, prize money and even catering for the Melbourne Cup has been for nothing, all because your TV or Projector hasn’t been upgraded to support Digital TV.

How do I know if I am Digital Ready?

Step 1 : Call CBM Corporate to organise a Free Audit of your Boardroom.

Step 2 : Invite your customer to sit back and enjoy the Melbourne cup with your Newly Installed Digital TV Solution, installed by the professional team at CBM Corporate

Beat the Rush call us today.

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