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CBM Corporate Office 365 Backup

As part of delivery of Microsoft Office 365, as more and more of our customers migrate data and workloads away from traditionally on-premise hosted servers, it is CBM Corporate responsibility to provide appropriate advice around Disaster Recovery processes and policies for data and customer information in the cloud.

Historically customer’s data which was hosted on a server at customer’s premises required backup systems and appliances to back up customer data and replicate this same data to a secure offsite location.

With the growth and uptake by Australian businesses of Microsoft Office 365 hosted services, it is important to note that Microsoft do not back up any data held in Office 365, and any data held in the Office 365 hosted solution is retained in case of deletion for at most 30 days for e-mails, and 90 days for SharePoint data.

What this means to all our customers, is that should an e-mail or file be deleted, it is only recoverable for a short period of time, after which Microsoft delete the held copies from the cloud systems.

Over the course of the last few months CBM Corporate have been trialing several cloud backup solutions, to back up our customer’s Office 365 data from the Microsoft cloud to a Perth WA data centre location.

Please note as our customer’s data is of paramount importance, one of our Business Development Representatives will be in touch with our customers to provide additional feedback.


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