How to Request IT Support

When looking for an IT company to support your internal business networking needs, there’s so much to consider. You have to find the right fit for your business without compromising on your quality of delivery. IT services encompass a range of offerings, which means that you need to find something that resonates best with your business needs.

How to Request IT Support

Choosing an IT Company for Your Business – Asking the Right Questions

With so much on offer, finding reliable IT services companies isn’t as easy, especially with so many IT issues, ranging from security threats to network downtime, causing havoc with businesses today. Here are some vital questions to ask your IT company before you decide to hire them for your day-to-day IT operations:

Question 1: Location of Help desk Centres

Some IT services companies offer remote services, which can be difficult for you to manage when you need immediate solutions to network problems. A helpdesk is best located in your country, and even better, in the same city as you. If a server unexpectedly crashes or data gets accidentally deleted, then a local IT team is best equipped to be onsite immediately to rectify the problem with minimal time wasted.

Question 2: Type of Monitoring Services Offered

Some IT companies offer proactive account monitoring, while others offer reactive/time bound monitoring, which could end up causing you enormous difficulties because of the time spent contacting your IT provider. A good IT company monitors your business network needs closely and will make you a priority at all times of the day.

Question 3: Speediness of Onsite Support

Whenever repairs cannot be undertaken remotely, you’ll want to know how quickly your IT services provider can get to your location to address the issue. Look for companies that have local support centres and can respond quickly with onsite support for the best results.

Question 4: Monthly Report Offerings

Some companies offer monthly reports, which showcase all updates related to your business IT needs. These reports also cover the status of all the computers in your network, so your infrastructure remains updated and secure at all times. A detailed report that covers the strength of your IT systems will make a huge impact on your overall business because this reduces the chance of breakdowns considerably.

Question 5: Staff Backups

While you may be offered key account management members, keep in mind that people go on leave. Find out whether there are backup staff members who can offer the same level of service and efficiency in the absence of your key contacts. A good IT company will always be able to equip you with well-trained technicians, even when your key contacts are unavailable.

Question 6: Network Backup Plans

Does the IT services company test backups regularly for all their clients to make sure that data doesn’t get deleted forever in the event of an emergency? A good company will insist on backing up all your data from the word go in case of hardware or software glitches. They will also provide a disaster recovery plan to ensure that data is protected at all times.

Question 7: Advice on Network Systems

Some companies conduct review meetings with businesses to help enhance their overall operations by bringing down costs and increasing efficiencies. You’ll want someone who proactively offers you this level of advice because it will eventually improve your bottom line and boost the productivity of your workforce.

Question 8: Clarity of Services Rendered

You don’t want to be caught up in a situation where your vendor suddenly lets you know that a certain problem was never part of your agreement – especially when you have no other choice. Ask whether your provider can be clear with the services they intend to provide at the agreed on cost to eliminate any surprises during the tenure of your agreement.

Asking the right questions is the difference between choosing a mediocre and great IT partner, especially when you run your own business and cannot afford to make mistakes with your hiring processes. If you’re looking for the right IT company to partner with for your business in Perth, look no further than CBM Corporate for all your IT needs.

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