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Galaxy Gear watch will pair with phones to check emails and notifications Samsung will reportedly unveil the Galaxy Gear, a wristwatch crammed with a smartphone’s functionality, next month.

The new device will arrive on 4 September, according to reports, along with an updated Galaxy Note 3.

Little detail is available about the physical appearance of the Galaxy Gear. But a patent application filed by Samsung in May shows a concept design for a chunky watch “capable of providing access to the internet and for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails and messages”.

According to specs leaked to GigaOm, the watch will run on Android and will feature a 2.5in OLED display.

Additional reports suggest a 320 x 320 resolution display, a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a 2-megapixel camera and lengthy battery life. The watch will also reportedly have Bluetooth and NFC.

According to GigaOm, Samsung is encouraging developers to write apps for the watch for its own app store, rather than Google Play.

iWatch coming?

If Samsung does release the Galaxy Gear next month, that likely puts it ahead of Microsoft and Apple, both of whom are reportedly working on their own smart watches.

Neither company has confirmed any plans to release a smart watch, but Apple has just hired a consultant who previously worked on Nike’s wearable fitness bracelet, the Nike+ FuelBand. Blahnik’s arrival also tallies with earlier reports that Apple is hiring to expand its expertise in wearable tech.

Apple is due to announce new products at an event on 10 September.

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