It is very important to have a strong password

Strong Passwords /

Password Changes

It is very important to have a strong password
A password that is just password is easy to guess

With costs of IT systems break-ins in Australia being in excess of $1billion AUD over the course of 2018, CBM Corporate will be reviewing all our customer’s systems password policies.

This will force all customer staff and management to change systems passwords periodically and be forced to use a complex password requiring Special characters.

We do not take this decision lightly, as this is likely going to cause a few extra headaches and inconveniences for our customers, but the requirement to review all of our customers’ passwords policies is born from necessity to safeguard your IT systems from internet born threats, and to limit your business risk and exposure to a cybercrime event.

As part of enablement of these features, a CBM Corporate engineer will be in touch to discuss potential impact on internal business processes and any other consequences arising as a result of this policy.


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