Workstation Buyer’s Journey: Manufacturing

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Companies Trade PCs for Professional Workstations to Take Designs — and Business — to the Next Level

Engineering and design push computing technology to the limits. How do users get the most for their time, money, and software? For these three manufacturing firms, professional workstations are the answer.

Staggering feats of engineering and design are realised everyday thanks to the rapidly evolving capabilities of digital imaging.

As Moore's Law continues to hold true in its prediction that computer processing power will effectively double approximately every two years, it is not a stretch to say that your operating system can become obsolete in the same short time span.

Whether you are manufacturing 3D printed products in your own garage, designing a fuel efficient car for on demand production, or using fluid dynamics to help a skydiver achieve a world record jump, you need to stay up to date with software and hardware to be competitive in the marketplace....

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Workstation Buyer Journey

The old adage "time is money" certainly rings true as you're sitting at your desk waiting for a simulation to run its course or a design to fully render.

With a workstation, you can recapture that lost time and money thank to greater processing speed, the power to run jobs simultaneously, and the reliability of professional grade equipment.

With a professional workstation, you can spend your time fine tuning designs and innovating, instead of worrying if your PC can manage the load....


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